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To participate in our advanced rider course you need to join the Foresters and become an Associate Member. You also need a valid driving licence and an appropriate vehicle which is taxed, insured and, if appropriate, has a current MoT.
Your first year membership cost is £50, including a once only £35 training fee, and entitles you to limitless training rides as well as all club ride outs. Subsequent yearly membership fees are £15. If you are aged 17 - 24 (Inclusive) the training fee is waived - all you have to pay is the annual £15 membership fee. 
(If you join after 1st July in any year, your membership will be valid until October in the following year). To undertake training you will also need current copies of Roadcraft and the Highway Code. 

If you decide to take your motorcycle test, the fee is £85 and includes one year’s RoSPA membership.  If you maintain your RoSPA membership then you are entitled to a free re-test every three years.  RoSPA membership is currently at £40 annually.


All training time is given freely by the tutors. However, a contribution towards the tutor’s running costs is greatly appreciated. (Currently £15 per run to cover petrol, tyres and servicing costs.)

Out on a 1:1 training run for 2 - 4 hours
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