Driver Training

If you decide to join us after your initial assessment, training sessions for drivers normally take place on alternate Sunday mornings from 9:00am until Midday at:

The Parish Hall

Greasley Sports & Community Centre

Dovecote Road, Newthorpe

Nottingham, NG16 3QN.

We usually start guidance sessions with a discussion on a particular driving topic or at other times we may have a guest speaker (riders are invited to join these discussions).

After the discussion you will leave, with your tutor, for a 60 - 90 minute drive, followed by private feedback and discussion.

Your training is based on Roadcraft, the Police Drivers Handbook and the Highway Code. You will need a thorough knowledge and awareness of their contents. Your Tutor will help you put this knowledge into practice.

Whilst you are training you will be given at least one demo drive by a Group Tutor in their own car in order to illustrate certain skill

areas required.